01.01 1970 → 20.10.2022 00.00-19.30

On Fairytales, a conversation with Mario Rizzi, Sami Mustafa and Catherine Nichols

Join us at the Centre for Narrative Practice with Sami Mustafa, Mario Rizzi and Catherine Nichols on a conversation about fairytales and their imprint on our culture.


More about Sami Mustafa:

Sami Mustafa (1984 RKS/FR) is an independent film-maker, producer, and writer. His work explores memory and storytelling, often returning to the stories of his childhood.

Recalling wintery evenings at home with his family, Mustafa’s interest in storytelling was created by his father’s telling of Roma folktales. These narratives often combined folktales with real-life events and characters from their lives. Following his father’s death, Mustafa now hopes to continue the traditions and experience of Roma storytelling. Through his work, Mustafa searches to uncover untold stories. 

More about Catherine Nichols:

Catherine Nichols, an arts and literary scholar, curator and writer, will take the artistic lead for the next edition opening on the 22nd of July 2022. Having mounted acclaimed exhibitions across Germany, she is currently the artistic director of beuys 2021, a year-long centenary programme in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia dedicated to the artist Joseph Beuys.


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