01.01 1970 → 18.10.2022 00.00-18.00

A presentation by Albertina Likaj

Join us today at the Room of Things at the Centre for Narrative Practice at 17.00 for a presentation of her work regarding the cultural input on using reclaimed public spaces in Prishtina.

More about the event and Albertina Likaj

Albertina Likaj she is an architect and at the University of Pristina “Hasan Prishtina”, Faculty of
Architecture. Further, in 2022, she finished her master’s studies at the University of Liechtenstein in the “Institute of Architecture and Planning”. During her studies in 2021 with a group of 11 students she presented the country of Liechtenstein at the 17th edition of the Biennale of Architecture in Venice titled “How will we live together?”, with the project “Inventing from inventory”.
The focus in her thesis project “Inventing Possibilities” was meant to support the avantgarde art scene in Pristina, using abandoned buildings to reuse, recycle and reprogram the existing –performing meaningful sustainability.

Albertina has collaborated with one of the most prestigious architecture studios in Switzerland “Tilla Theus und Partner AG”. In addition to architecture, in a parallel way, she also develops and has a passion for conceptual art.


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