06.10.2022 18.00-20.00

Wheelchair Accessible, WC Available

Qendra për Praktikë Rrëfyese

Në bashkëpunim me Anibar – Shfaqje e filmit: ” Nxitja e tokës”

In collaboration with Anibar, we will be showing a selection of short films:



Directed by Gezim Ramizi

Agron struggles to understand that things around him will not change if he is not ready to change himself.



Directed by Flaka Kokolli

Home and comfort can often be found in things that shame, trap, and damage us. Leaving that home can be difficult, but having it as a poltergeist that follows you around proves to be even harder.



Directed by Shpat Morina

Based on an old traditional wedding song, “Kona” (loosely translates to ‘henna’ and/or ‘mehndi’, the skin decoration tradition for weddings in numerous cultures) is commentary on what often is an unequal and abusive relationship between husband and wife. It specifically is about femicide from oppressive husbands, a phenomenon that often rears its head in our society.


The Magnet

Directed by Arvan Berisha

Directed by Anibar

The productions of Anibar Animation Academy done throughout the years 2018-2021 as the first non-formal education program in Kosovo.




Programi i Shfaqjes së Filmave në Qendrën për Praktikë Rrëfyese

01 → 30.10.2022 10.00-16.00
Qendra për Praktikë Rrëfyese


Panel diskutimi mbi spekulimin

28.10.2022 18.00-20.00
Qendra për Praktikë Rrëfyese


Dismantling institutions through intimacy and fiction. A reading and performance event by Yvonne Sheen Mogollón and Jazmin Rojas Forero, hosted by Anna Bromley

29.10.2022 00.00-14.30
Qendra për Praktikë Rrëfyese