Family Programme

01 → 02.10.2022 11.00-14.00

Wheelchair Accessible, WC Available

Centre for Narrative Practice

Young Ecologists Programme: Make a Make a Herbarium with Lumnije Paci

Together with Lumnije Paci, a professor of Biology at the elementary School “Meto Bajraktari” we will learn to identify different native plants in the vicinity of the Centre for Narrative Practice, with which we will learn how to make an Herbarium. This two-day workshop will focus on walks in nature, as well as the basics of creating herbaria. We invite children of ages up to 15 years old to join us in Oaza!

Day 1 

During the first day, we will learn more about different kinds of plants that we can find in the streets of the city of Prishtina, and how we can identify them. We will go on to take walks in the neighborhood of Tophane to gather different leaves, flowers and more, which we will use to make the herbarium in the following day.

Day 2

Under the guidance of Lumnije, we will learn more about Herbaria and will create one with the leaves, plants and flowers we have gathered the day before. Children will be able to learn more about the importance of Herbaria in finding, identifying, describing, classifying, and naming plants—as well as understanding the geographic distribution of plants – all while creating our own Herbaria!



Workshop in the garden: Change of Nature, Nature of Change with Yll Xhaferi 

29.10.2022 10.00-14.00
Centre for Narrative Practice


The Artistic Research Space: The five elements with Genc Kadriu 

27.10.2022 18.00-20.00
Centre for Narrative Practice


Workshop at the Makers Spaces: Canvas stretching with Skender Xhukolli 

27 → 28.10.2022 15.00-17.00
Centre for Narrative Practice