Each new edition of Manifesta is fundraised individually and managed by a mix of permanent international team members and local specialists. Manifesta works from its offices in Amsterdam and the Host City.

From its headquarters in Amsterdam, the permanent team of Manifesta provides the backbone to the governance and production of the European Nomadic Biennial. For each edition of Manifesta, the permanent team conceptualises a new project with the partners of the Host City. The Manifesta team works for extended periods on location to ensure the synergy between their international experience and local expertise is embedded as a legacy in the Host City. The continuity of Manifesta is based on openness, collaboration and knowledge transfer, propelled by a continuous stream of activity, in which research and curatorial innovation play an essential role.

Currently the local team consists of department coordinators based in Prishtina and will grow in the build up to the biennial.



Hedwig Fijen

Catherine Nichols
Creative Mediator

Carlo Ratti
Creative Mediator









The Business Department creates the administrative, legal and financial backbone structure in each edition and is liable for managing all financial, HR, legal, administrative, operational and governance aspects of the organisation.

Paul Domela
Head of Business & Administration

Besa Zogaj
Senior Business Coordinator

Dea Dedi
Front Desk Coordinator

Vlera Kupa
Business & Administration Officer

Teuta Hoxha Jahaj
Personal Manifesta 14 Assistant to the Director

Pranvera Begolli
Support Staff Manager

Urata Kajtazi
Hospitality Officer

Faruk Bujari
Office Assistant


The Research and Development department is researching a diversity of complementary funding models and implements an important part of the Manifesta budgets by fundraising for Manifesta 14 Prishtina, creating sustainable relationships with (inter)national public and private funders, including individual giving, sponsorships and other partnerships.

Marieke van Hal
Head of Research & Development

Arif Muharremi
Project Manager Creative Europe

Rina Gurgule
Development Coordinator

Hadis Karatashi
Development Assistant


The Education and Mediation programme is an essential part of Manifesta that derives from encounters with a variety of home-based actors in Manifesta Host Cities, including inhabitants, educators, artists, historians, activists and associations. In each Manifesta edition, the programme takes different shapes while always placing audiences and collaborators at its core.

Yana Klichuk
Head of Education & Learning

Njomza Dragusha
Research & Education Coordinator

Roni Idrizaj
Mediation Projects Manager

Enes Salaji
Community Events & Space Manager

Rina Statovci
Community Events & Space Manager

Emirjona Metolli
Education Intern

Erleta Morina
Senior Education Coordinator

Genta Shabani
Education & Mediation Coordinator

Rina Gosalci
Education Projects Manager

Velsa Shabani
Mediation and Group Booking Assistant

Donarta Fetahu
Education Intern

Manifesta 14 Prishtina Mediators:

Adelina Ismaili, Amalia Koleka, Anyla Kabashi, Avdyl Mustafa, Diona Kusari, Donjeta Mejtani, Era Qena, Ismail Myrseli, Vita Kasapolli, Shaha Hyseni.


The Communication, Marketing and Publications department is in charge of brand strategy, PR and media partnerships, design and brand identity, digital and social communication and community management, events, marketing, as well as creating all publications for Manifesta. The department is in charge of both internal and external communications.

Emilia van Lynden
Head of Marketing, Communication & Publications

Nita Deda
Communication Coordinator

Sophie Schade
Audience Development Coordinator

Dardan Hoti
Press Officer

Blerina Kanxha
Communication Assistant

Qëndresa Zeka
Digital Communication Assistant

Rubin Popova
Communication Assistant

Alex Fisher

Anna Thornton
Communication and Marketing Coordinator

Oda Haliti
Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator

Rina Krasniqi
Publications Coordinator

Adrian Berisha
Event Coordinator

Simon Kurti
Communication & Marketing Assistant

Izet Čučulj
Audience Development Assistant


The production department accompanies the conceptualisation of the programme and is responsible for the implementation of the programmatic ideas into concrete structures in close collaboration with external contributors such creative mediators, artists and participants, local stakeholders and team members.

Tatiana Tarragó
Head of Production & Programming

Dren Maliqi
Production Coordinator

Sara Rodiqi

Dion Zeqiri
Producer – Centre for Narrative Practice

Vildane Maliqi
Production Assistant

Vanesa Orana
Production Assistant

Carlo Coppola
Senior Production Coordinator

Donjetë Murati
Research & Programme Coordinator – Centre for Narrative Practice

Lendita Idrizi

Engjëll Berisha

Ylber Havolli
Production Assistant

Rreze Kurteshi
Production Assistant

Installation Team

Alb Berisha, Arbias Berisha, Imirez Dida, Shpend Gashi, Vesa Shahini,Fatlum Idrizi, Frank Kästner, Dritëro Krasniqi, Knut Kruppa, Arbnor Karaliti, Ærland López, Zgjim Pira, Armir Prenaj, Quinten Verhelst, Skender Xhukolli.

Venue Coordinators

Arbias Berisha, Shpend Gashi, Dritëro Krasniqi, Zgjim Pira, Armir Prenaj, Vesa ShahiniConservatorBettina Bouttens


Hedwig Fijen, Director of Manifesta
Yll Rugova,  Vice Chair of the Board of Manifesta 14 Prishtina
Andrea Cusumano, Former Councillor of Culture of the City of Palermo
Niels de Ru, Partner at Allen & Overy LLP law firm
Besa Luci, Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Kosovo 2.0
Vesa Sahatçiu, Cultural Advisor to the Mayor of Prishtina