03.09.2022 12.00-15.00

Wheelchair Accessible, WC Available

Centre for Narrative Practice

Illustrations for children with 2cm Humans – Make Your Own Postcard!

Credits: Courtesy of 2cm Humans

Together with Lyra and Driton, the creators of 2cm Humans, we will make different illustrations of your favorite memories for your loved ones in the form of postcards, which can then be given as gifts.  

The workshop is open to children of all ages, who are interested in learning different techniques of drawing, painting and illustration and want to spend the day creating postcards they will cherish forever. 

Save the date and join us for an amazing and unforgettable experience! 

Location: Oaza of the Center for Narrative Practice 


Movement Workshop by Uresa Ahmeti/ In body there is power

09.10.2022 12.00-14.00
Centre for Narrative Practice


In collaboration with Anibar – Film Screening: Nudging the ground!

06.10.2022 18.00-20.00
Centre for Narrative Practice

Oaza Programme

‘Pop-up postcard’ making with Kaltrina Berisha

08.10.2022 15.00-17.30
Centre for Narrative Practice