23.09.2022 19.00-20.00

Wheelchair Accessible, WC Available

Centre for Narrative Practice

Eljesa Beka: Unstable, Stable – A live performance

It’s our pleasure to invite you to Eljesa Beka’s first solo performance.  Join us as Eljesa showcases a combination of live instruments and poetry 


More about Eljesa Beka:

Eljesa Beka, a Prishtina born and raised multi-disciplinary artist, has developed her career through a vast interest and work in music, film programming and literature. By having access to various synthesizers, hardware and film producing gear, while being part of the crew of the only alternative cinema in the city – Kino ARMATA, she learned how to work and experiment with sound, producing ambient-to-electronic music. Eljesa is also well known for her impeccable taste in music by DJ-ing at numerous local venues. Though she is usually a solo-artist, she also takes part in jam sessions with local and international artists and lately has also collaborated with two local musicians, forming the experimental music band ‘This is Not’. Eljesa’s talent and dedication to music, poetry and film have been ways of growing a deep appreciation for art and culture, and have served as channels for self-exploration and expression.  



Movement Workshop by Uresa Ahmeti/ In body there is power

09.10.2022 12.00-14.00
Centre for Narrative Practice


In collaboration with Anibar – Film Screening: Nudging the ground!

06.10.2022 18.00-20.00
Centre for Narrative Practice

Oaza Programme

‘Pop-up postcard’ making with Kaltrina Berisha

08.10.2022 15.00-17.30
Centre for Narrative Practice