Sami Mustafa

Newly conceived 1984, RKS/FR
Before the School, Film production of Home Away from Home, 2017. Photo © Sami Mustafa
Film Discussion with Director and Actors, 2021, Sami Mustafa (Artistic Director of Rolling FF, Loreta Bartatovci (Film Director), Daniel Šerifović & Berfina Jašarevićs (Actors), Hana Zylfiu-Haziri (producer). Photo © Faton Mustafa
Ready to witness the story of one of the Balkan series of force returnee, 2017. © Sami Mustafa, Denis Mustafa. Photo © Sami Mustafa

Sami Mustafa (1984 RKS/FR) is an independent film-maker, producer, and writer. His work explores memory and storytelling, often returning to the stories of his childhood.

Recalling wintery evenings at home with his family, Mustafa’s interest in storytelling was created by his father’s telling of Roma folktales. These narratives often combined folktales with real-life events and characters from their lives. Following his father’s death, Mustafa now hopes to continue the traditions and experience of Roma storytelling. Through his work, Mustafa searches to uncover untold stories. 


Artistic Intervention

Artistic Intervention – Sami Mustafa

22.07 → 30.10.2022 12.00-00.00
Centre for Narrative Practice