Newly conceived 2021, RKS

PykëPresje is a collective working mainly with printed matter. They run an independent cultural space and bookshop in Prizren. PykëPresje produces experimental radical publications, organises exhibitions, discursive programs and workshops. Its focus is on internationalist and revolutionary documents and archives, emphasising local histories of people’s movements, gender emancipation and class consciousness defying the nation-state narratives.

PykëPresje is formed of Sezgin Boynik (1977, RKS), Blerta Haziraj (1994, RKS), Somer Spat (1996, RKS) and Tevfik Rada (1991, RKS). 


Artistic Intervention

Artistic Intervention – PykëPresje

22.07 → 30.10.2022 10.00-00.00