Alban Muja

The Map That Really Matters, UV Print on plexiglass, 2021. © Alban Muja
From the series of Above Everyone, each 60 x 40cm (2 10), 2021. © Alban Muja
From the series It's a Beautiful Name But It Can Sometimes Be a Burden, 90 x 66cm digital print on paper, 2021.

Alban Muja (1980, RKS) produces video installation, films, drawing, painting, photographs and public art pieces influenced by the ongoing processes of social, political and economic transformation in his native Kosovo and the Balkans. Through his practice, he investigates history and socio-political themes, linking them to his position in Kosovo today.

He has shown works and ideas at various solo and group exhibitions, including film festivals and the Pavilion of Republic of Kosovo at 58th Venice Biennale. In the Pavilion, he presented a video installation of three channels called ‘Family Album’ that dived into personal and collective memories of the Kosovo War (1998-1999) and interrogated the role that images and the media have in constructing and shaping narrative, identity and history in times of conflict.


Artistic Intervention

Artistic Intervention – Alban Muja

22.07 → 30.10.2022 10.00-00.00
Gërmia Department Store