Through the halls of our common dreams

Venues – the Palace of Youth and Sports Garage, Rilindja, Railway tracks – the Green Corridor, the former Brick Factory.

The city of Prishtina cannot be understood in its entirety without looking through the lens of its past experiences as well as its urban transitions, embodied by its iconic buildings. This tour is focused on the artistic, ecological and urban interventions that are in direct dialogue with the development and transformation of the city of Prishtina. Our longest tour, through the railway tracks that Manifesta 14 transformed into a Green Corridor, bridges two sides of Prishtina, its centre with its periphery, and further to the rural area. This enables us to experience the transitions and transformations of some of the main cultural and urbanistic sites of Prishtina and witness the shifting mobility of the city laid out by CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati.  

We start our tour at the Palace of Youth and Sports, built in 1977 with its brutalist architecture pointing towards the sky. Today, the palace continues to host various activities, while still many of its spaces remain empty and unused. Upon crossing the road, we pass through Rilindja, a former printing house that opened in 1945, and was the second biggest printing house in the whole of the Balkans and as well as the first to publish and distribute Albanian language newspapers. Passing through the Green Corridor, our tour brings us to a large-scale intervention by raumlaborberlin taking place in the Brick Factory. The former industrial site, where the bricks that have built were used to build the city of Prishtina were made, is transformed into an Eco-urban learning centre.  


Mediated Tours are free for groups from the Western Balkans. However, there is a 50 euro charge per group for international visitors. Mediated Tours need to be booked 7 days in advance.