10.08.2022 18.00-19.00

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Centre for Narrative Practice


Driant Zeneli

The Animals. Once Upon a Time… In present time. A presentation with Driant Zeneli

The firefly keeps falling and the snake keeps growing 2022 © Driant Zeneli
The Alternative Atelier, 2022, © Driant Zeneli in collaboration with Bonevet Prishtina.

Join us at the Centre for Narrative Practice for an afternoon with Driant Zeneli, for his presentation regarding his work The Animals. Once Upon a Time… In a preset time. The trilogy 2019-2022 which is presented on the ninth floor at Grand Hotel Prishtina under the title – on speculation.


More about the artist:

Driant Zeneli’s research (1983, AL) redefines the idea of failure, Utopias and dreaming, positioning them as ideas that open possible alternatives. Zeneli works across multiple forms of artistic production, from drawings to film to performance.

To Zeneli, creativity relies on unplanned encounters. His performances take the form of participatory interventions, during which the artist co-creates meaning with the spectators. In his films, power and history are interlaced with individual narratives, giving rise to utopias that subvert the natural order of things.

Since 2008, Zeneli has launched an art education project dedicated to the relationship between practice and research, investigating alternative educational and creative practices. Zeneli also creates storytelling workshops for children, using tools such as electronics and robotics to create deeper self-understanding and encourage imaginative play.



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