21 → 22.09.2022 17.30-20.30

Wheelchair Accessible, WC Available

Centre for Narrative Practice

Storytelling with Immersive Technologies at the Centre for Narrative Practice

New digital technologies are unlocking the power and potential of storytelling by opening up more inclusive and networked ways of information sharing. Virtual and augmented reality have presented numerous possibilities for changing the way we do journalism, activism, marketing, and different forms of entertainment through its immersive powers.

The groundbreaking transmedia QXR studios is leading a 2-day workshop session ‘Storytelling with Immersive Technologies’, covering the ways spatial technologies can be used for storytelling. The event is open to all tech enthusiasts, creatives, multimedia and entertainment professionals, journalists, designers, activists and more. 

Through presentations and hands-on practice, Austin Grossman (Narrative & Game Designer) and Elena Piech (Blockchain Strategist) will take you through examples that go beyond traditional storytelling mediums and into accessible spatial technologies like AR, motion capture, and immersive audio. The first day will provide an overview of Immersive Technologies and best practices for production and design. The second day will be a participatory workshop, where attendees will be guided through the process of brainstorming and designing an immersive project. 

Join two immersive technology experts at the Center for Narrative Practice to explore emerging digital technologies that open up numerous possibilities for doing storytelling differently! This event is organized by UNDP Kosovo in partnership with Manifesta 14 in support of the Western Balkans Digital Summit Pristina 2022.  

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