11.08.2022 10.00-12.30

Wheelchair Accessible, WC Available

Grand Hotel Prishtina

Robotics workshop for children at the Alternative Atelier / Driant Zeneli in collaboration with Bonevet.

Storytelling meets science in Driant Zeneli’s Alternative Atelier, a 100-day laboratory for children and their families. Participants are invited to take part in weekly workshops with the artist and robotics specialists from Bonevet Prishtina, a non-profit makerspace for youngsters.

Why? To create a new story about old plastic, seeing as it is here to stay. Much like Zeneli’s film trilogy The Animals. Once upon a time … in the present time, also on show in the space, the story is conceived as a contemporary fable. This time its protagonist is an ostrich.

Known for its inability to fly, the bird nevertheless longs for a way up and out of its predicament. The predicament’s name is plastic: the billions of bottles and bags smothering the streets, choking the rivers and speaking to the plants and animals in a language they cannot – and do not want to – understand.

Eager to change the story, the ostrich is looking for creative allies. The first step is to define the second animal in the story. The rest unfolds from there.


When the Sun Goes Away we Paint the Sky, a conversation with Petrit Halilaj and Catherine Nichols

27.10.2022 17.00-18.00
Grand Hotel Prishtina


Abi Shehu & Gerta Xhaferaj “Nekrografi / Necrography”

13.09.2022 10.00-20.00
Grand Hotel Prishtina


HUNITI GOLDOX – Screening and conversation on landscapes in transition, at Abi Shehu Open Studio

04.09.2022 18.00-20.00
Grand Hotel Prishtina