13.09.2022 10.00-20.00

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Grand Hotel Prishtina


Abi Shehu

Abi Shehu & Gerta Xhaferaj “Nekrografi / Necrography”

More about “Necrography”

Cartographies of death, vapors of time. While necrology examines death as the limit event of human biology, necrography creates maps of different temporalities of death as eventness. There are many deaths, and such is the basic premise of the project, in humans, beyond and beneath them. Death graphs do not ask why do we die, but how one dies? Images acquire here the function of a map, but this mapping must not be imagined according to a spatial component but according to a temporal one. Therefore, it is not a kind of cartography that fixes certain territories, but that recreates through filmic and photographic languages the underground movements of surfaces. In this sense, images traverse the layers of space to write a geo-history of being, making the premise of this research both aesthetic and ontological.

Text by Ester Celami

Courtesy of prints: Bazament Art Space


When the Sun Goes Away we Paint the Sky, a conversation with Petrit Halilaj and Catherine Nichols

27.10.2022 17.00-18.00
Grand Hotel Prishtina

Oaza Programme

Film Photography Programme Launch with Vigan Nimani, Abi Shehu, Majlinda Hoxha and Jochen Rohner

04.10.2022 00.00
Centre for Narrative Practice


HUNITI GOLDOX – Screening and conversation on landscapes in transition, at Abi Shehu Open Studio

04.09.2022 18.00-20.00
Grand Hotel Prishtina