20.10.2022 17.00-18.00

Wheelchair Accessible, WC Available

Centre for Narrative Practice

A conversation with Mette Sterre – Seapussy Power Galore, Abcession (If you don’t know, you don’t grow)

Seapussy Power Galore – Abcession (If you don't know, you don't grow) , 2021-22, © Mette Sterre Photo © Manifesta 14 Prishtina Majlinda Hoxha

Join us at the Centre for Narrative Practice for a conversation with Mette Sterre, a Manifesta 14 Prishtina participant, and we will discuss more about her work exhibited on the 9th floor of Grand Hotel Prishtina.

Find out more about the artist:
Mette Sterre

Mette Sterre is a multidisciplinary artist. Sterre’s work escapes fixed definitions, incorporating and exceeding performance, installation, digital technologies, body masks and sculpture – potentially expanding its territories without limits.

When interacting with Sterre’s work, the viewer is cast into her mind process, bringing together soft robotics, patterns as narratives and physically disruptive experiences. Her work explores a range of physical, mental, emotional and social aspects through the altering of the body, exploring what more we can be than human.



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