the name comes last collective

Newly conceived 1990, RKS
Lost and found, 2021 - the condition in which the social center in Llukar was found,to be revitalized later into Stereospace social center / Supported by Municipality of Prishtina
Activities on the social center in Llukar, an once abandoned structure now revitalized, 2022. © The name comes last / Supported by Municipality of Prishtina.
International project Sarajevo, 2021. Building a community center. © The name comes last / Supported by Toestand Collective & Erasmus

For The Name Comes Last Collective, spaces for young people to express themselves freely is imperative for their development.

Often, this is not possible due to a lack of funding or access to spaces. This is the impetus behind their work. Indeed, they focus on vacant buildings: abandoned or unused spaces that youngsters can use so they can have a haven to develop their interests.

Integral to the ethos of The Name Comes Last Collective is the input of the local community. This local network plays a central role in gathering both the necessary people and ideas that are needed to build a centre that meets the needs of the community. Exchanging experiences in a multicultural setting, creates a healthier and a wider sense of belonging.

The Name Comes Last Collective members are Gresa Lahu (1990, RKS); Burhan Gashi (1996, RKS); Gazmend Qyqalla (1994, RKS); Shpat Shkodra (1994, RKS) and Qazim Gashi (1990, RKS/DE)


Artistic Intervention

Artistic Intervention – the name comes last collective

22.07 → 30.10.2022 10.00-00.00



Pass the Torch: presentation by the name comes last collective

24.07.2022 15.00-16.00
Centre for Narrative Practice