The term art mediation refers to the process of acquiring or negotiating knowledge in artistic contexts including artistic creations, institutions, the social context and the people who encounter these settings.

Cultural and art mediation is based on exchange and creative response and suggests acknowledging the expertise of each person in their own culture and experience. This opposes the common idea of educating as transferring “objective” knowledge from a more informed person to a less informed one.

In each Host City, Manifesta explores existing practices and histories in the fields of cultural mediation, knowledge production and education, imagining possible approaches together with a local team of mediators. As part of the biennial’s education team, they facilitate a dialogue with the diverse public of Manifesta 14 through tours, workshops and discussions on artistic projects and interventions.

The team of mediators has been brought together half a year before the opening of the biennial to build a collective knowledge base and co-develop possible mediation approaches. These learning sessions took shape of the Mediation School.

They are focused on exploring and reflecting about the project of Manifesta 14 in the historical and socio-cultural context of Kosovo, as well as situating mediation practices with the input of various local and international experts.

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