Newly conceived 2014, RKS
Bisedë Informative, 2019. © Blendi Sadiku, Gentrit Shala. Photo © Florent Kurtalani
Dhoma e Këpuceve, 2019. © Allmir Suhodolli. Photo © Ulpianë Maloku
Shtëpia Shkollë, 2019, trupa e aktorëve. © Ulpianë Maloku
Vizita e shtëpisë shkollë, 2022. © Ervina Halili, Agon Ahmeti, Azemine Aliu-Hertica. Photo © Florent Kurtalani

ETEA is non-governmental organisation, that promotes education and culture. Founded at the end of 2014, ETEA now has operations in over 20 municipalities in Kosovo. ETEA is driven by the belief that improved education and culture will have a ‘domino effect’ on the social, political and economic development of Kosovo.

The methodology of ETEA is centred around infrastructure interventions, the arts, scientific research and training. All ETEA’s activity works towards strengthening Kosovo pre-university education, focusing on the development of educational practices, cultural heritage education, development of reading skills and the integration of social entrepreneurship in schools.