Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport in Kosovo acquires Manifesta 14 Participants works


We are so excited to announce the list of works of Manifesta 14 Participants that the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport has acquired, Youth and Sport in Kosovo following the success of Manifesta 14 Prishtina last year.

Currently, the GAP Institute is finalising the Public Survey they conducted throughout the biennial in order to analyse the impact that Manifesta 14 had on the citizens of Prishtina, the local economy and bringing international audiences to Kosovo, as well as the Return on Investment for the City of Prishtina.

Check out the full list below

Abi Shehu
Red Rock, 2020
Barren, 2019

Alketa Xhafa Mripa
In the Name of the Father, 2015

Antoneta Kastrati & Casey Cooper Johnson
Weddings and Diapers, 2007

Argjire Krasniqi
Ruin-carnating Janjeva in Kosovo, 2020

Artan Hajrullahu
Untitled, 5 from his collection

Bora Baboci
[if we stay naturally], 2022

Doruntina Kastrati
Ring the bells my land, 2017/22

Driant Zeneli
No wise fish would escape without flying, 2019

Driton Selmani
Love Letters, 2018 – ongoing

School without School, 2022

Farija Mehmeti
Untitled, Roma Women series

Genti Korini
Spider’s Envy [Zilia e Merimangës ], 2022

Baby Blues, 2017

Jakup Ferri
Frekuenca Çiltërsia [The Frequency of Frankness], 2012-2022

Jelena Jureša
Aphasia (Act Three) – A Kid from the Neighbourhood, 2019

Laureta Hajrullahu
2D Plants/Flat options, 2020

Lek M. Gjeloshi
In the Visoki Deçani Crucifixion fresco there are no UFOs, 2022

Majlinda Hoxha
Grand Hotel Prishtina

Marta Popivoda
Yugoslavia, How Ideology Moved Our Collective Body, 2013

Natasha Nedelkova
Identity Tissues, 2020

Arbnor Karaliti
Urban Loneliness, 2022

Ermir Zhinipotoku
Untitled, 2019

Lumturie Krasniqi
Whispering in the night, never blinking, 2022

From Scratch: Albanian Summer Picaresque, 2022

Šejla Kamerić
Hooked, 2010 – now

Selma Selman
Mercedes Matrix, 2019

Silvi Naci
Actions that make my hands hurt (hand film), 2019

Petrit Halilaj
When the sun goes away we paint the sky, 2022