Introducing: The National Gallery of Kosovo


We are happy to reveal the National Gallery of Kosovo as another venue of Manifesta 14 that will host artistic interventions and cultural events. 

The National Gallery of Kosovo is the most prominent institution of visual culture and contemporary art in Kosovo. Since the war, this space has given voice to different generations of young, talented artists; representing the cultural pulse of the country. 

Located in the middle of Prishtina, the building is surrounded by the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Architecture and the National Library. Throughout the years, it has exhibited regional and national artists through exhibitions and publications. 

© Manifesta 14 Prishtina | Atdhe Mulla

The National Gallery of Kosovo was established in 1979 as part of the Faculty of Arts, University of Prishtina. It was the starting point for many artists’ careers who studied in the Faculty of Arts, fulfilling the promise of this institution to elevate and nurture culture, artistry, sculpture, graphic design and artistic installations. Up until now, the National Gallery of Kosovo has a collection of 1000 artworks and 210 iconic works salvaged from the Grand Hotel. 

The National Gallery off Kosovo will be one of the 22 spaces across Prishtina to host artistic interventions this summer.